quarta-feira, junho 09, 2021

A Case for Physical Media

"But let’s be honest, it is not a film anymore – it’s ‘content’. I know this because I work in this business and that is what we call it. Films are no longer special, their shelf life is shorter – stream it, discard it and move on to the next binge. (...) I believe there is something to be said for that experience; picking up a tactile object, actually having to make the effort to go a store to rent and return a movie – it was a decided choice and when you got home to watch it, you were invested in giving the film your time because of that commitment. (...) The experience of watching a film no longer feels so special. And when it comes to digital libraries and streaming, you are not getting the best possible presentation, no matter how good your 4K TV is." [Dark Horizons]

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