quinta-feira, abril 26, 2012

Custo vs Proveito

"I think theatre viewing is going to die out. Which is unfortunate because I love the experience. However I love my own personal convenience more. There are companies out there right now offering same day/date release as theatres for specific movies for home viewing. Video on demand, but more than that digital distribution is the next step. It’s about creating an organic living room experience. Fact is, people are lazy. They want to stay at home and they want the comfort of their own couch. Versus say the environment of the theatre and strangers and just the filth a theatre might have. It’s not to say theatre watching is a bad thing. But merely due to ticket prices and the experience, it becomes a cost. And when I have say my big screen TV at home, with say my Playstation 3 that offers streaming films or plays my DVDs and Blu-rays and it’s all connected to my surround sound speakers. What do I choose versus the cost of driving to a theatre, costly popcorn, etc? So would I pay for a $40 rental of say maybe the latest film in my own home legally? Yeah I would definitely consider it. It depends on the delivery, but again that touches into also the infrastructure of the internet. I want my high quality picture. I want the 1080p. I don’t want a stream that is going to chug because my bandwidth is being capped, etc. There are a lot of things that need to fall into place before any of this happens and it’ll be awhile because so many companies are fighting for the monopoly of your living room. It’s going that way, it’s a scary thing. Simply because it’s about choice." [F]

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