domingo, abril 28, 2013

Zuckerberg vs Ross and Chandler

Do Ross and Chandler have psychic powers? In 2003, a year before Mark Zuckerberg created The Facebook, the show "Friends" had Ross and Chandler using a site just like it. As redditors have pointed out, Myspace and Friendster were both popular at the time, but "Friends" specifically talks about a social networking site revolving around college alumni. The episode, called "The One With The Memorial Service" is from season 9. It opens with Ross on his laptop, saying to Chandler: "Have you seen this? It's our new alumni website for college. It's cool! You can post messages for people, let everyone know what you're up to.." To which Chandler sarcastically replies: "Oh great, a faster way to tell people that I'm unemployed and childless". Little did "Friends" writers know that so many of us were going to deal with that online sharing dilemma just a few years later.

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