domingo, agosto 04, 2013

Rankings CN: Realizadores vs Realizadores

5. David Cronenberg sobre M. Night Shymalan:
"I hate that guy! Next question."

4. Francois Truffaut sobre Michelangelo Antonioni:
"Antonioni is the only important director I have nothing good to say about. He bores me; he’s so solemn and humorless."

3. Ingmar Berman sobre Orson Welles:
"For me he’s just a hoax. It’s empty. It’s not interesting. It’s dead. Citizen Kane, which I have a copy of — is all the critics’ darling, always at the top of every poll taken, but I think it’s a total bore. Above all, the performances are worthless. The amount of respect that movie’s got is absolutely unbelievable."

2. Ingmar Bergman sobre Jean-Luc Godard:
"I’ve never gotten anything out of his movies. They have felt constructed, faux intellectual, and completely dead. Cinematographically uninteresting and infinitely boring. Godard is a fucking bore. He’s made his films for the critics."

1. Vincent Gallo sobre Sofia Coppola:
"Sofia Coppola likes any guy who has what she wants. If she wants to be a photographer she’ll fuck a photographer. If she wants to be a filmmaker, she’ll fuck a filmmaker. She’s a parasite just like her fat, pig father was."

2 comentários:

Ricardo disse...

Citações fantásticas.

Anónimo disse...

E depois andamos nós cinéfilos a criticarmo-nos uns aos outros se não gostarmos todos das mesmas referências. E afinal elas tratam-se assim. Quem sabe mais, nós ou eles?

Acima de tudo uma lição de como o gosto é (e deve) ser subjectivo... ou de como até os génios deixam os egos cegá-los. :)

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