domingo, março 12, 2017

The fate of the critic in the clickbait age

The trouble is, once you accept the proposition that popularity corresponds to value, the game is over for the performing arts. (...) In a cultural-Darwinist world where only the buzziest survive, the arts section would consist solely of superhero-movie reviews, TV-show recaps, and instant-reaction think pieces about pop superstars. Never mind that such entities hardly need the publicity, having achieved market saturation through social media. It’s the intellectual equivalent of a tax cut for the super-rich. (...) When Roger Ebert died, I recounted how his reviews of “Aguirre, the Wrath of God,” “Badlands,” and “The Sacrifice” led me toward the deepest kind of moviegoing pleasure. Almost everyone who cares about culture has had that kind of encounter with critics. Perhaps the profession is destined to fade away, but others will have to take up the critic’s simple, irritating, somehow necessary job: to stand in a public space and say, “Not quite.” [The New Yorker]

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