quarta-feira, março 15, 2023

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

"Everything Everywhere All at Once" is a mind-bending, genre-bending, reality-bending cinematic experience, a rare gem that comes along only once every few years. It is an audacious, ridiculous and original film that showcases technical brilliance in every scene, a unique and immersive feature that nails multiverse with confidence and admirable absurdity. It's funnier than any comedy from the past few years and finds heart, creativity and energy in everything - and everywhere, all at once -, from plain rocks to a freaking Ratatouille look-alike. Thrilling, existential, heartfelt. Let me just disagree a little bit with most of you: though Michelle Yeoh is nothing short of tremendous, it's "Short Round" that really stole the show for me; he goes effortlessly from a cheesy dad to a cool action hero in the blink of an eye. Love James Hong, what a remarkable performance to remember him for ages!

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