terça-feira, agosto 14, 2012

1001 filmes para NÃO ver antes de morrer #10

Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal | Estados Unidos da América | 2001

"Who are the people responsible for this? Who is trying to punish us with this piece of crap? I have to thank that channel I saw this movie on for showing it even before it went to video because if I had paid for this I would have bombed both the video store and the filmmakers. "Turbulence 3" is the idiotic story of a Heavy Metal band performing live -through the Internet- from an airplane and some awfully stupid hijackers who try to make the plane crash in a church. The lead singer of the band, who looked pretty similar to Marilyn Manson, gets knocked off and tied up by a guy who looks exactly like him, a member of a Satanic cult who is trying to crash the plane in Kansas, and all the blame would be put on Slade Craven, the singer."

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