segunda-feira, agosto 27, 2012

Loved the finale, hated the cliffhanger!

"I'm sorry I don't have a photographic memory, but my brain is too busy being awesome."

"Of course, things aren't perfect: I sincerely hope that the Mike/Tess/Rachel triangle is not just a repeat of the Mike/Jenny/Rachel triangle (or quadrangle if you add Trevor); we know where the show is going eventually in that regard, and while I understand the need to keep Mike and Rachel apart, I also don't want it to become something like ​Bones​, which kept introducing other love interests to the point where the audience knew these characters were never going to amount to anything but another roadblock. (...) But for the most part, ​Suits​ gave me everything I wanted out of a summer finale and then some, without resorting to the usual "hey, look at us" tricks of a typical season finale. This is the best show on television right now because it has the best ensemble cast and writers who respect both that cast and the audience. They didn't let us down, and for that, I am grateful. Now, bring on January..." [F]

2 comentários:

Kris disse...

a boa notícia é que não vamos ter que esperar até ao próximo Verão :)

Miguel Reis (Knoxville) disse...

É verdade Kris, em Janeiro já temos o Harvey de volta :)

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