domingo, agosto 30, 2015


"Now that HUMAN TIMEBOMBS is completed, the documentary team needs to distribute it around the world to AHC Associations so that they can offer it to their local media outlets and medical institutions, rare disease communities and short film and documentary film festivals in Europe and the U.S. And why is this important? Because while being rare is a special thing when it comes to precious gems, guitars or celebrity signatures, it's not such a good thing when you are talking about disease. And that is because it takes a lot of money to fund the researchers seeking a cure. And when a cure is found though something such as a special medication, it costs more money to produce it and pharmaceutical companies to distribute it. Sadly, all of this happens much faster when there are more people affected with a particular disease. By distributing the HUMAN TIMEBOMBS documentary, the team, which includes Sunna's pabbi (daddy) Siggi Jóhannesson and actor Darri Ólafsson (most notably from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and TV Show True Detective) hopes to find the other 6,000+ people with AHC and speed up the process of finding a cure."


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