segunda-feira, maio 14, 2018

Film Jukebox

"One of the UK's last video rental stores now has an innovative new use - after being turned into the country's smallest cinema. The shop, 20th Century Flicks, has kept going despite the rise of streaming services such as Netflix. But times have been tough, and last year it turned a profit of just £160. Owner David Taylor now reckons he's found a new way of boosting business by creating a micro-cinema using his amateur carpentry skills. David has a tiny 11-seat Kino cinema a larger 18-seat Videodrome. The 38-year-old says his shop in the heart of Bristol has around 20,000 films stacked on the shelves. He describes the cinema - which has space for 18 people - as “like a jukebox” with punters browsing the shelves to choose what they want to screen." [Mirror]

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