domingo, agosto 11, 2019

Séries que mereciam Streaming em PT (II)

"Judge Caprio’s kind nature, thoughtfulness and great humor have made him a Rhode Island treasure. Judge Caprio’s brother, Joseph Caprio, started filming the court cases over 20 years ago. The show first aired on Providence local access, but was picked up by ABC6-WLNE. ​All of the cases and people are real. Those who step in front of him have a little fun with the cameras, but Judge Caprio makes it clear that he is there to do his job. “We love Judge Caprio’s heartfelt take on justice and think Caught in Providence will truly stand out from every other show on daytime television,” said Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein, co-presidents of Lionsgate-owned Debmar-Mercury. “In these contentious times, many viewers are simply looking for something lighthearted and fun. Caught in Providence has proven to be exactly that, and has an unprecedented social media following to prove it.[F]

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