sexta-feira, setembro 13, 2019

You had me at hello!

"Some people collect Beanie Babies. Others, rare coins. For Vancouverite Rob Feller, it's VHS copies of a 1996 Tom Cruise movie he's never seen. "[People] think I'm crazy — and that's not far off the mark," Feller said from his home in the West End. Over the past eight years, Feller has led a small group of friends to collect 456 copies of the blockbuster hit Jerry Maguire and donate them to the Los Angeles-based video and performance collective Everything Is Terrible! Feller is their top "Jerry" collector in Canada. He says the hunt for Jerry Maguire tapes is a fun challenge. He's also keen to contribute to the collective's goal for the tapes: to use them as building blocks for a giant pyramid in the U.S. desert." [CBC]

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