domingo, agosto 21, 2022

Suits S08E11 - Rocky 8

Harvey: You know, I was just thinking. I told Jim that this case was Rocky IV, but it turned out to be Rocky III. Robert: You mean the one where Apollo and Rocky come together to beat Mr. T? Harvey: Well, I sure as hell wasn't talking about Rocky V. Robert: Well, you know what happens at the end of Rocky III. Harvey: Yeah, Rocky and Apollo go toe-to-toe. Let me guess, you're wondering what would happen if we went toe-to-toe. Robert: I don't need to wonder. I know what'd happen. I'd win. Harvey: Whatever gets you through the day. Robert: We're in here arguing about who's better between you and me. What if Louis turns out better than both of us? Harvey: Jesus Christ, that'd be the worst Rocky ever. Robert: No, Rocky V is still the worst Rocky ever. Harvey: Finally, something we can agree on. Robert: Truth be told, I never even saw Rocky VI. Harvey: Neither did anybody else, Robert. Robert: You know, that new Creed franchise, oh, that's quite a little something. Harvey: Really? Robert: Mm-hmm. Harvey: Maybe I should watch it tonight. Want to come over? Robert: Do I look like I don't have nothing to do but to come and watch Rocky VII with your lonely ass? Harvey: But I got popcorn. Robert: ...I'll call Laura.

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