sábado, março 11, 2023

Murder by Death (1976)

"Murder by Death" is a comedic gem written by the legendary Neil Simon, a true cinematic spoof of literary whodunits that will leave you chuckling long after the credits roll. The plot is deliciously exaggerated, the set is beautifully designed - the furnishings for the mansion, according to set decorator Marvin March, were valued at more than twenty five million dollars - and it's just a pity that the entire mystery behind the exquisite jokes and laughs get too messy and confusing in the third and final act; so many false identities that it became a Scooby-Doo episode. Three Oscar winners (Guinness, Niven and Maggie Smith) and six Oscar nominees led by the magnanimous Peter Sellers in a super all-star cast that introduced the literary legend Truman Capote to the world as an actor.

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