domingo, janeiro 12, 2014

Fey & Poehler > DeGeneres

"The Wolf of Wall Street shocked viewers by using the F-word 506 times in three hours. Which is the new record. Unless you count my dad trying to hang some curtains rods in our living room."

"The Wolf of Wall Street is another nominee tonight. I really loved the film, but some of it was too graphic. I mean, if I wanted to see Jonah Hill masturbate at a pool party, I'd go to one of Jonah Hill's pool parties."

"Here's the moment you've all been waiting for, The President's Speech. Or as they call it at home, the bathroom break."

"Gravity is nominated for Best Film. It's the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age."

"And now, like a supermodel's vagina, let's all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio."

2 comentários:

Rui Francisco Pereira disse...

Eh pah essa quinta piada é horrível, ao contrário das duas primeiras xD

Gostei delas, embora tenha gostado mais o ano passado e ainda mais do Ricky ;)

Carlos M. Reis disse...

Nothing beats Ricky ;)

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