segunda-feira, novembro 17, 2014

Is The Word 'Overrated' Ruining Film Criticism?

"And yet the problem with this overuse of 'overrated' is that such arguments tend to exist in a vacuum. It’s great to shake up the establishment, but if we challenge Hitchcock and Kubrick, are we then automatically burdened with offering up the alternative? The real issue is perhaps less to do with the attacks themselves, but with the perceived arrogance and cynicism of its author. Do critics always have the best intentions when they go after the "classics"? It's hard to say, but we can safely assume there will always be those who deliberately set out to incite scorn and unhealthy debate, just as there will always be the attention-seekers, the click-bait sensationalists. (...) The word 'overrated' should always be the beginning of a conversation, but never the end of one." [TEXTO INTEGRAL]

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