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First Blood (1982)

Tudo neste clássico intemporal do ainda vivo Ted Kotcheff mantém-se irresistível: do realismo das cenas mais arriscadas, ao ritmo perfeito que equilibra drama, humor e acção numa narrativa simples, à fabulosa caracterização quase silenciosa de John Rambo ou o trabalho irrepreensível na sala de montagem. Tudo em "First Blood" é tenso, inteligente, arrebatador e, ainda assim, de uma modéstia despretensiosa que não pretende transformar o estilo - e que bem filma Kotcheff nas sombras - em nada mais do que uma arma para fortalecer a luta interna, mas também selvagem, de Rambo. Fica aquela perseguição de mota para a história, a interpretação crua de Brian Dennehy e uma decisão no final que mudou a história da personagem.

Filmmaker: It’s so ironic that Kassar and Vajna opposed the suicide ending so strongly, because they basically built their empire on this character, and they never would have been able to do those sequels if you had killed him! Did they ask you to do the follow-up, Rambo: First Blood Part II?

Kotcheff: I didn’t want to do the sequels. They offered me the first sequel and after I read the script I said, “In the first film he doesn’t kill anybody. In this film he kills seventy-four people.” It seemed to be celebrating the Vietnam War, which I thought was one of the stupidest wars in history. 55,000 young Americans died and so many veterans committed suicide. I couldn’t turn myself inside out like that and make that kind of picture. Of course, I could have been a rich man today – that sequel made $300 million.

Filmmaker: Well, it’s interesting, because even though he kills dozens of people in the sequel, your film actually feels faster paced and more intense. Why do you think that is?

Kotcheff: People think pacing comes from playing everything fast, but that’s not true – if you do that it becomes flat and boring. You’ve got to juxtapose emotions and thoughts and experiences and movement to give it pace.

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