sexta-feira, junho 08, 2012

1001 filmes para NÃO ver antes de morrer #6

Glitter | Estados Unidos da América | 2001

"If the story isn't bad enough, the acting is even worse. The only conclusion I can reach is that it was a conscious decision made in order to distract people from the script. Mariah's idea of acting consists of opening her eyes as wide as she can and delivering her lines with an emotion and depth usually only heard during dinnertime telemarketing calls. The rest of the cast is just as bad if not worse. I mean, we know that Mariah got the part because of who she is, but what about the others? Were there even auditions or did someone randomly pick people out of league night at the local bowling alley and give them parts? I've seen better acting on public access. Glitter is simply not worth seeing. Not even to impress your buddies or to cash in on irony points. Without a doubt, it's the worst movie I've ever seen, making Dirty Work look like Lawrence of Arabia. Just stay away. And if people mention it to you, pretend it doesn't exist."

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