domingo, junho 21, 2015

Parem de nos pedir para desligar o cérebro!

"The 'turn your brain off' brigade often defend dumb movies on the grounds that they’re “not supposed to be smart.” Their unspoken implication is that a smart movie is also automatically a boring one, as if the only way a movie can entertain someone is by lulling them into a narcotized stupor of total idiocy. And while it’s true that no one goes to Jurassic World looking for a probing theoretical discourse on the ethics of genetic modification, there’s clearly a middle ground between a hoighty-toighty academic treatise and paper-thin, empty-headed characters and ludicrous, facepalming stupidity. It’s possible to entertain people without talking down to them. These maybe popcorn movies we’re talking about, but you can’t eat popcorn without your brain telling your mouth to chew it up and swallow it." @ Screen Rush

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