sexta-feira, março 03, 2023

Rolling Thunder (1977)

John Flynn emphasizes realism above all else with a script that keeps us engaged. What makes Rolling Thunder so effective is its portrayal of Vietnam veterans trying to adjust to a world that is no longer familiar to them, making it more than just a simple revenge plot. William Devane's performance as Major Charles Rane is particularly noteworthy, as he brings subtlety to the role, conveying emotions through small gestures and facial expressions, saying a lot without speaking a word most of the times. The revenge plot is also portrayed in a minimalist style, with an excellent screenplay from Paul Schrader that builds up suspense and drama to a climactic and violent finale. Intense, brutal, with Linda Haynes providing a welcome distraction between all the darkness. One of Tarantino's favorites, an absolute powerhouse that shouldn't be missed.

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