quinta-feira, março 02, 2023

The Fabelmans (2022)

Almost everyone treating this as a semi-autobiographical movie about the magic of movies. I felt it differently, with the constant impression that the most important thing that Spielberg wanted to show us was how he grew up in a broken and complex family dynamic, manifesting regrets the way he dealt with it. It works beautifully everytime it escapes from that dynamic - the trains, the Christian girlfriend, the bullies, his homemade movies, the majestic final scene with the best cameo ever -, but looked pretty much artificial and weird inside of it. Maybe because i couldn't buy Paul Dano and Michelle Williams playing a middle-aged couple, maybe because Seth Rogen was awful as usual or maybe just because i couldn't buy Spielberg's Sam having abs instead of being an awkward nerd as old photographs of Spielberg show. Either way, wonderful score from John Williams and you can really feel how much this movie meant to Spielberg. And that's enough to love it. By the way, can we now have a movie about Uncle Boris? Judd Hirsch is prodigious.

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